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Does either side really expect sympathy

Posted on: March 16, 2011 3:05 pm
Edited on: March 16, 2011 3:06 pm

I am alittle tired of hearing about the poor players and the starving owners in this lockout. Being someone that has a real job for a real company I am having great  difficulty feeling sorry for either side but here is a few things that they might need to consider.

If I do good at my job, I know what would happen if I went into the bosses office and said you know what I had a good year and think it is time to give me 100% raise. I would get laughed at loudly and told there is the door, but the players have no problem saying I had a good year so unless you tear up my contract and give me more money I am not going to play. Funny thing is I don't think you ever hear of a player saying I really had a bad season and I think we need to lower my salary to a more deserving rate.

I know that as the owner of a team or a business they are putting up all of the up front money and all of the risk, this does entitle them to make money on the team that is why people go into business to make a profit. The owners in this case are making good profits and that is good for them and they have put up large amounts of money to own the team and deserve good return on their investment.

The players sign a contract to play for a team for a set amount of money and a set length of time but it seems that the only side that is bound by the contracts are the owners, they have to pay whether the player produces or not there is alot of player that have gotten large amounts of money that never panned out, just as there are times when players sign and earn their money but more often than not that player demands to renegotiate or wants to hold out, a contract is supposed to be binding on both sides.

I really enjoy watching football but I am also one of those many fans that the game has gotten way too expensive to go to games due to constatnly escalating ticket and concession prices. Taking a family of 4 to a game now could end up costing almost a weeks pay. I am really tired of players getting over paid and owners over charging fans to try to make up for the fact that they can't control themselves as they continue to pay the large contracts.

Just once could the players and the owners listen to the fans, while they are busy crying over BILLIONS of dollars how about the average family that has been priced out of being able to see the local team. This used to be a great game to be a fan of but both sides in this issue needs to remember who put them where they are niether side would have what they have without fans and if you think that they will always be there maybe you should think twice before you talk about how you can't live on the millions you are making.

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